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Luxury Car Wheel

Professional Car Body Repair Garage

Where perfection is created

Fast, Professional and Reliable Service In Loughbrough

We're an honest and friendly car bodywork repair garage, offering professional service at competitive prices.


We have over 25 years' experience in vehicle body repairs, and we go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your car respray. We're experts painting all vehicles, and use a full size extractor fan oven to accommodate larger vehicles.


We at Unique Finish Ltd go above and beyond to make sure you're happy, and treat your vehicle as though it were our own. We are also able to paint smaller household fixtures, so please contact us to see how we can help.

Spray Painting a Car
Dented wheel arch
Wheel arch repair
Pristine car body repair
Car respray in progress
Car body that has been resprayed a vivid purple colour
Dirty wheel rims
Resprayed wheel rim

5 Star Service In Loughborough


We specialist in body repairs, accident repairs, and dent removal.

Our services focus on restoring the appearance and structural integrity of a vehicle that has suffered damage from accidents, collisions, or other incidents.


Unique Finish Ltd takes pride in being experts in painting all vehicles and goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We use of a full-size extractor fan oven for larger vehicles, providing you with high-quality and professional paint services. We treat each customer's vehicle as if it were our own.


We believe in a combination of expertise, specialised equipment, and a customer-centric approach. We prioritise quality workmanship, attention to detail, and a personalised touch when it comes to vehicle services. Contact us today to see how we can transform your car.

Car Garage
“Absolutely amazing job. The level of service was outstanding as was the quality of work done. Completed the job within the timeframe. Very pleased with the results”

Edana D

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